Abroad Careers

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Abroad Careers, an esteemed edtech company dedicated to providing consultancy and guidance to Indian students aspiring to study abroad, approached me to revamp their existing website. The primary objective was to create a modern, user-centric platform that would not only reflect their expertise but also resonate with their target audience.

Problem Statement

The existing webpages of Abroad Careers suffer from poor aesthetics and usability, hindering user engagement and trust-building. Users find it challenging to navigate through the cluttered interface, leading to a subpar user experience. The lack of clear information hierarchy and intuitive design elements further exacerbate the problem, making it difficult for potential students to find the guidance they seek. To address these issues, the redesign must focus on enhancing the visual appeal, streamlining navigation, and instilling a sense of trust in the users.

My contribution

Throughout the project, I played a pivotal role as the product designer, driving the redesign of Abroad Careers’ website. I began by conducting comprehensive secondary research, diving deep into the edtech industry and studying user preferences and behavior. Armed with insights, I crafted intuitive wireframes that streamlined the user journey and established a clear information hierarchy. Additionally, I developed a well-structured sitemap to ensure easy navigation and discoverability. Leveraging my expertise in UI/UX design, I led the redesign efforts, creating visually captivating and user-friendly interfaces that instill trust and resonate with the target audience, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Understanding the company

Abroad Careers is a leading edtech company committed to helping Indian students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. Our comprehensive services include expert consultancy, personalized guidance, and support throughout the entire application process. By leveraging our extensive network of partner institutions and in-depth knowledge of global education systems, we empower students to make informed decisions about their future. From selecting the right course and university to securing scholarships and visas, Abroad Careers is dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of ambitious students, connecting them to transformative educational opportunities across the globe.

Design problem 1

The existing website of the Abroad Careers website lacks clear messaging and fails to convey the unique value proposition, leading to user confusion and a missed opportunity to capture their attention and communicate the company’s core offerings.


To address the design problem of unclear messaging and value proposition in the hero section, thorough research was conducted. Secondary research was performed to gain insights into user pain points and motivations. This involved studying user feedback, conducting competitor analysis, and examining industry best practices. The research highlighted that users were seeking a clear and concise representation of the services offered by Abroad Careers, along with compelling messaging that resonated with their aspirations and addressed their pain points. Understanding these user needs and motivations formed the foundation for addressing the design problem effectively.


During the exploration phase, multiple UI design options were explored to address the problem of unclear messaging and value proposition in the hero section of the Abroad Careers website. Various design concepts were created, considering different layout arrangements, typography choices, and visual elements. Each design option was evaluated based on its ability to effectively communicate the core offerings of Abroad Careers, align with the brand identity, and capture user attention.

Testing and Iterating

Testing and iterating were integral parts of the design process to ensure the selection of the best UI design for the Abroad Careers website. User feedback and observations were carefully collected and analyzed to identify pain points, areas of confusion, and opportunities for improvement. Iterations were made based on these insights, refining the design to enhance clarity, visual appeal, and alignment with user expectations. This iterative approach allowed for continuous learning and refinement, ultimately leading to the selection of the best UI design that effectively addressed the initial problem of unclear messaging and value proposition in the hero section, resulting in an engaging and impactful user experience.

Design problem 2

The website fails to clearly communicate features and trust-building data, resulting in user confusion and missed opportunities for showcasing value and establishing credibility.


the focus was on addressing the problem of missing clear features and trust-building data on the Abroad Careers website. Various design options were explored, aiming for a minimalistic approach to ensure clarity and emphasis on the key features. The redesign aimed to streamline the presentation of features, using concise and informative descriptions, visual cues, and compelling data points to establish trust and credibility. The iterative design process allowed for refining and optimizing the website to ensure that users have a clear understanding of the services offered by Abroad Careers and feel confident in their decision to choose the company.

Testing and Iterating

Testing and iterating played a crucial role in addressing the design problem of missing clear features and trust-building data. User feedback and usability testing were conducted to identify areas of improvement. Iterations were made to optimize the presentation of features and incorporate trust-building elements, resulting in a more effective and user-friendly website design.