Audit your product's design

Uncover your product’s usability gaps & develop actionable design recommendations to maximize your ROI, user retention and lifespan of your app.

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Why a Design Audit?

Uncover usability issues

Find out where & why your product fails to meet your customers’ needs.

Get higher return on investment

Discover what prevents your users from converting into your customers.

Saves cost of development

If you can’t identify the problem, don’t design unnecessary solution.

What's inside design audit?

100+ Design Checkpoints

The design audit covers  100+ critical design checkpoints to ensure no aspect of your product’s design is overlooked.

Design Audit Report

Receive a detailed design audit report that provides a comprehensive assessment of your product’s design.

Actionable Recommendations

Actionable recommendations for enhanced usability, UX design effectiveness, tailored to your product.

Audit Report Samples

How Design Audit is done?

Thorough research

Collecting relevant information about the product, target audience, business goals, and any existing user feedback or analytics data.

100+ design checkpoints

Assess whether the design follows established industry standards and best practices with over 100+ design checkpoints.

Perform Heuristic Evaluation

Applying usability heuristics or guidelines to evaluate the design's compliance with basic UX principles.

Actionable Recommendations

Based on the findings, actionable recommendations provide to address the identified issues. 

Creating Audit Report

Compilation of all the findings, recommendations, and supporting evidence into a comprehensive design audit report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A design audit is a checkup of your product’s design aimed at identifying and eliminating issues, gaps, inconsistencies, or other imperfections in your user experience.

Design audits can be done reactively & proactively. Reactively for major redesigns or low conversion rates. Proactively every 2 years to ensure user needs and usability principles are met.

We use usability heuristics, and other evaluation criteria to conduct a UX review of the product. Conduct a design audit by analyzing the user interface of the product going from criterion to criterion and marking the results in the UX audit checklist.

Design audit report is the final document that is presented to product owner as a result of design audit process. In this report, you can find out ideas for new features, an analysis of ten heuristics, product analytics, proposed user flows, etc. Make sure to check actionable recommendations to improve the current UX design and user interfaces of your product.

Design audit is only the first step of improving your product’s performance. Based on the list of actionable recommendations, together we can redesign your product implementing the fixes and proceed to development. Design audit findings might also allow you to shape & build new strategy for your product.